Aleo Restaurant


In Italian there is a saying "Ci Vediamo".

It is often translated

"I'll See You".

After over 16 years of wanting you to feel like family every time 
you came thru our doors we now say

Ci Vediamo"... 

The time has come for us to take a breath and move on.

We wish to thank all of you. 
You have become our family over the years, and
we are glad you did .

There are so many people, so many memories and 
so many good times. 
The group of friends meeting for dinner in the garden,

The couples that were engaged over a candle lit dinner,
The many Happy Hours at the bar.
The Birthdays, The Christenings,

"The Showers",

the Baby Naming's, the Bar Mitzvahs, The Communions,

The Weddings, The Graduations, The Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties,

 The Holidays, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, and on.

Thank You all, so much, for sharing your memories with ALEO.

We hope you felt like family, because that is sincerely how we felt about you.
Watching young people become adults, babies become teenagers

And sharing in so many events of yours 

     You made Aleo a

     "Wonderful Life"

ALEO was named after two people that shared each other's love
for over 50 years, and if we were able to help you feel 
any of that love, we were successful.

        God Bless, Thank You and


Aleo Restaurant